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Our History


Our clinic has been "Keeping your horses Healthy Since 1973.” We are proud to have Linus F Huck DVM, Martha Ann Huck DVM and Eric Simmons, RVT/Farrier as our professional staff.

Linus (Bud) Huck founded Linus F. Huck DVM in 1973 as a large animal practice treating beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, goats and exotic animals. Dr. Bud worked long solitary hours providing quality veterinary care to all his patients. As the years passed, he realized that there were simply not enough hours in the day to take care of all his patients. He thought he could practice higher quality medicine if he limited his care to include dairy cattle and horses only. Today, the practice is limited solely to equine, as this has always been Dr. Bud’s first love.

In 2006, Eric Simmons brought a long needed addition to the practice. Eric is a Registered Veterinary Technician(RVT) and a farrier whose interests also are primarily equine. When, in 2009, Martha Ann Huck DVM, another equine enthusiast, joined her father, Linus F. Huck DVM went from becoming a "one man show” to a practice with two full time veterinarians and a full time RVT. 

Though the practice has grown and changed since 1973, one thing has not changed. That is our total commitment to the health and well-being of the horse. Both father and daughter were HORSEMEN long before they became veterinarians. In fact, it was the love, respect and rapport they enjoyed with horses that led them into the practice of equine medicine in the first place. A lifetime of experience with horses taught the Doctors Huck how healthy horses look and act.

A veterinarian has to recognize "normal” before he can diagnose problems. Our doctors and technicians understand that being an animal health care provider is as much a matter of heart as it is of mind. They truly love horses, mules and donkeys and have owned many themselves through the years and now. They understand the special bond and the love horses share with their keepers, giving them compassion and empathy for both their equine patients and the humans who care for them. We feel these qualities make us an exceptional team!

At Linus F. Huck DVM, Inc, we are dedicated to keeping your horse healthy and happy. We are committed to sending our patients home and back to work at whatever their jobs were before coming to us. To do this, our veterinarians and staff keep abreast of the ever-changing needs of the horse community. In addition to their personal first hand experience with show horses, rodeo horses, trail ride horses and mules, they participate in continuing education opportunities throughout the year to keep up to date on the newest innovations in technology and research. As graduates of the University of Missouri’s School of Veterinary Medicine, both Dr. Bud and Dr. Martha maintain a close working relationship with the professors/specialists there, and feel free to consult with them if they feel a patient would benefit from another opinion. In fact both doctors often consult with specialist, from all over the world!