Global Vet Link

Facilities & Service

We maintain an equine hospital equipped with in house laboratory and radiology equipment, surgery facilities, treatment areas, breeding area, ICU, indoor lameness observation area, as well as individual stalls and runs for patient comfort. Paying close attention to the dietary needs of individual patients, we provide high quality, locally grown hay. Our doctors work personally with nutritionists from Purina and can even arrange for one to visit client farms to help with any nutritional problems they might have.

Both of our doctors make farm visits. On these visits our veterinarians can call your attention to potential problems that might arise due to pasture, stable, feed, water, or other environmental conditions. It is a good time for client education. For those clients who do not have a horse trailer, we can arrange for them to borrow a trailer or haul the horse to the clinic for them if their horse needs longtime care. We provide emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. One of our veterinarians is always as close as your telephone.

We are especially proud of our relationship with Global Vet Link. We are able to submit forms for EIA (Coggins) testing on line. Results are then posted on line. We email the results to owners so the turnaround time is much less than the old way. We will soon be providing clients online access. If you happen to forget your EIA or lose it, we can always email it to you. You can even keep it on your cell phone. The forms are very horse specific with pictures used to identify the animal. The forms are all typed for a much more professional look. (See link.)

We have exceptional professional relationships with outside laboratories and drug manufacturers to insure the most up to date diagnosis and treatment options for our patients. At Linus F. Huck DVM, Inc, we have an advanced record keeping system. You will have a detailed copy of the diagnostic and medical procedures and the cost for each treatment at the time your appointment is completed or later e-mailed or mailed. This is particularly important with regard to vaccines. The manufacturers of our equine vaccines have guarantees for their products, which is almost like having insurance. If a veterinarian administers the vaccine, keeps the proper records and your horse becomes infected with the disease he was vaccinated against, the manufacturer will pay for the diagnostic tests and services and for much of, if not all, the medical treatment of your horse! This helps us practice higher quality care as well as helps the manufacturer improve their vaccines through research.

At Linus F. Huck DVM, Inc we believe that preventative medicine is the best medicine. We continually strive to keep our clients educated. Client brochures and informational hand outs are available. Health bulletins are posted on our Face Book page and on our website. The wellness exam given free of charge at the time of vaccinations is the ultimate time for clients to ask questions and for us to update clients on any new information.

For more information about our services, click on the services link and or call our office 573-243-8645.